acquires Nutriphyt shares to expand its nutrition division

To support its mission to provide personalized solutions for immune-related disease management, Erudite.Health becomes a major shareholder in Nutriphyt, a company providing a range of nutritional products with a scientifically proven value.

Erudite.Health was founded by Charles and Louis Declerck who have an extensive network and knowledge in the medical and pharmaceutical sector. The company aims to combine artificial intelligence-based tools, pharmaceuticals and nutritional products in the treatment of immune-related diseases. Scientific integrity and validation are central to their view on the comprehensive care path they want to establish.

Nutriphyt will be positioned as part of Erudite.Health’s self-care division, Erudite.Nutrition. By combining the resources and expertise of Erudite.Health and the scientifically proven products developed by Nutriphyt, the teams are ready to expand their reach and have a greater impact on the industry.

“We’re taking our first major step in growing a quality and evidence-based product portfolio through M&A buy and build strategies. Nutriphyt’s philosophy aligns perfectly with our core values.” say Louis and Charles Declerck.


About Erudite.Health

Erudite.Health is at the forefront of a paradigm shift in the treatment of immune-related diseases, with a focus on the root causes within the immune system. The company combines new therapeutics, self-care products, and AI tools to help restore the immune system’s delicate balance. Erudite.Health is split into three pillars: Erudite.Healthtech, Erudite.Nutrition, and Erudite.Therapeutics.

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About Nutriphyt

Nutriphyt is a Belgian company offering a wide range of pure, natural health products. They aim to provide healthcare professionals with tools to help ensure patient’s well-being and disease prevention through targeted micronutrients. The company’s products are developed in-house by qualified experts using a preventative, cause-oriented approach, and are the result of in-depth research.
For Nutriphyt, health for all is an absolute priority.

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