Our Process

Freedom is Knowing You’ve Got Options
The way you understand your situation, and the results you achieve, are connected 
Our approach is to help you identify the blind spots in your system and/or service model - to shape a customized and contextualized solution that works for you
TEST – Our Framework For Project Management
TARGET: Define the question and intended outcome
EXPORE: Understand the context
SOLUTIONS: Build your intervention
TRIAL: Test, learn, adapt
Translating Design-thinking into Practice
Engaging Partners and End-users to Understand Their Needs
Including behavioural insights as key concept within fundamental design of initiatives and tools
Project design promotes contextualization, affordability, adaptability and scalability
Solutions are integrated, include cross-disciplinary approach and are community-focused
Design-thinking is a set of tools used to solve complex problems and to find desirable solutions
A design mindset is not problem-focused — it's solution focused & action oriented — towards creating a preferred future
Personalization Design
Co-creating Individualized, Customized Initiatives of Care, Learning & Professional Development
Shifting the paradigm in health from "what is the matter with you?" to "what matters to you?"
Principles of Personalization Design
System & Service Design
Successful Products Are Never Made in a Vacuum
Optimizing interaction between health service providers and users to co-create solutions
Focused on moving the needle on service model and users’ goals for our partners

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