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A Health Technology, Service and Learning Design Consultancy
Co-creating Solutions to Evolve Health Professions Lifelong Learning & Health Systems Design
What separates a good product from a great product?
We are constantly surrounded by user experiences.
Imagine if each and every one of these experiences in a health care eco-system were to be designed, or shall we say co-created, in line with the users' needs.
At Erudite Healthineers™, we give a great deal of thought to how we Interact within a health care environment – with individuals, as well as objects – Find Information, or Exchange Ideas.
Our Unique Advantage is our Practical Knowledge of how health care systems and academic health institutes are surrounded by unique problems, struggles, and needless complexity – all of which can be solved by Great Design & Digital Solutions.
We Co-create Experiences, including Technological Solutions, that address the needs of health system users in a way that brings them Joy and Delight.
This requires a great deal of empathy, imagination, and skill.
Defining Erudite Healthineers™ - A Visual Representation
Our Unique Advantage: Real Knowledge and Experience of The Healthcare Field As Well As Digital Interaction Design
Helping us shape meaningful & workable digital solutions for the health industry and health professions lifelong learning.
Meet our Chief Healthineer
Dr. Khurram Jahangir
Founder & Chief Healthineer
Immersive Design Healthineer
Meet our Other Healthineers
Dr. Paul Agbulu
Leading Improvement & Strategy Design Healthineer
Dr. Nathalie Martinek
Leading Wellbeing Strategy, Education and Coaching Healthineer
Ms. Barakah Bint Khurram Jahangir
User Experience and Interaction Design Healthineer
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